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The nightingale is a summer visitor and an infrequent passer-by in Shrewsbury, which lies at the northern extremity of its range. But on special nights its beautiful song can on occasion be heard, even in outer suburbs such as Meole Brace. This year, Shrewsbury Cantata Choir have set themselves to out-sing the nightingale, so if there are any nightingales in Meole on 17 June they’ll have some competition!


‘Our concert is a celebration of summer,’ says Nicola Pacult, alto and bird-watcher. ‘We’ll be singing music for when the shadows are long on the grass, some of the most lovely songs that have ever been written, music from different times and places. The song of the nightingale is emblematic of such music.’


The concert will be conducted by Marianne Ayling, soprano and vocal tutor with the fabulous Birmingham-based vocal ensemble Ex Cathedra and it includes, if there are any nightingales listening,

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, by Maschwitz and Sherwin.


‘We aim to capture the stillness of a summer evening,’ says Nicola. ‘Among other things we’re singing the hauntingly beautiful Sleep by Eric Whitaker. And there are madrigals too, including The Silver Swan by Orlando Gibbons, All Creatures Now and Now is the Month of Maying. Also some jazz classics and the light-hearted and jazzy Fly Me to the Moon by Bart Howard. That’s for when the shadows have gone and night has come.’

Tickets are £10 (students and under 18s free) and are available via the choir website - Online see link button, from choir members, or on the door, and can be reserved by emailing          


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