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We had a great night on the 8th of April in the Cantata time machine.

DSC_0213 72ppi Horatio Nelson Emma Hamilton 1 Sir Wiliam Hamilton1


A press cutting from the Social Pages of the Wiener Landwirtschaftliche Zeitung recalls the event.


The homeward bound party of Sir William  Hamilton, his wife, Lady Emma and our hero Admiral Nelson arrived in Vienna and were met by  Herr Joseph Haydn.

Herr Haydn had composed a piece in honour of the heroic Admiral, which was sung by Lady Emma, to warm applause.

Herr Haydn accompanied her on the keyboard,  after some conversation with the suitably gentrified audience, who greatly appreciated his command of the Queen's English on this occasion, who were pleased to honour the party in their own language.

There was also some discourse between Sir William, Lady Emma and Lord Nelson with the assembled audience who were honoured to be addressed by such august personages, following which Herr Haydn conducted a small Chamber Orchestra, four soloists and the Cantata Choir from Shrewsbury in England, in a performance of his setting of the Mass.

This received a warm response.

We turned St. Nicholas Church, The United Reformed Church building in Shrewsbury, into a very large time machine last night, and went back Vienna at the turn of the 18th and 19th century.

Before we entered the Time Machine the choir performed Frank Martin's Mass for double choir, a beautiful setting, but very demanding,requiring absolute concentration by the choristers in order to interpret the score.

Thanks to the patience of our conductor Thomas Payne, we were able bring this rarely sung piece to Shrewsbury, and do it justice, and we thank our audience for their reception of our performance.

We look forward to seeing you at our next concert in July.

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